New stocks which can becomes great stocks

I started my trading almost 3 years back as my business was not doing well.I mostly was doing day trading,then I started options trading.
After learning about many investors who picked a little known stock & it began giving returns in huge numbers after some years,most probably Mr Rakesh Junjunwalla 's investment in Titan,crisil,sesa Goa etc.

Last 3 days I started searching for such stocks.As previously I was only in day trading ,I never learned more about stocks basics.The most important lesson I have learned is most sites based their learning on Ben Graham 'Value Investing method.

So I would like to know from my esteemed fellow traders,have they any knowledge about some stock which is very low now,but it can gain in a long period ( 1 -5 years)
Instead of telling you the exact name of the stock, I can tell you the characteristics of stocks that might show good price rise in future:

* Consistent Topline growth of more than 12%
* Consistent Margins of atleast 12%
* Margin growth
* Div Yld of more than 1%
* PEG of less than 1

Bonus if you see that the stock price has stayed flat for 1 year or so.

Find company like this and slowly accumulate it.

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