New a/c ICICI direct

Can any1 help me with this. I have tried to open a DEMAT a/c with ICICI as i have a existing NRE a/c with them. Its over a month and till date my acct is not activated.

I have been reading various threads on the ICICI issue and i am terribly discouraged.

Should i now open another demat account else where ?

Would I be able to stop this a/c from being processed (i have no clue where my application lies)

Their service is a real putoff

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
as far as Demats are concerned with this ICICI its a real problem these people have more than 7 lakh demat holders and at an average around 4000 people joining every month they have more than they can chew and control so there is a lot of confusion. I suggest you to go to some other brokers check with fortis securities and now as far as your status is concerned you have to write to there senior officer in Red only then something will happen.

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