Are there any drawbacks to following the model stock portfolio provided by ICICI direct


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Due to certain restrictions, I am not allowed to trade in Indian mutual funds. I was considering if I can invest in individual equities on a SIP basis with discount brokers like zerodha.

I have a chronic medical condition and so cannot devote much time to selecting equities.

So I was wondering if it is possible to follow and equity model portfolio like that of ICICI direct

I have looked at that for about a year and they do not churn their portfolio often and are fairly well diversified. I am in this for greater than 5 years, maybe until my death so this should qualify as investment for a long-term horizon.

They claim that they have outperformed the index. I have not seen any kind of quantitative risk versus reward parameter for the portfolio.

So I'm wondering if it is useful to follow this?

Any other inputs will be useful.

I had also toyed with the idea of following a well diversified equities mutual fund blindly. However, all the details are not usually available and I think that data is also dated by about 3 months.