nest trader in 13.3"" laptops and 1920 x 1080 hd sceen issue

this is due to resolution problem , you solve it by following steps.
if app is on your desktop .please right click on app -> then click on "properties"
you can see "compatibility" tab click on it. -> then go to "change high DPI Settings"
then tick "Override high DPI Scaling behavior." And also "change Scaling performed by" into "System"
then click OK button. please restart your system.
Now your bracket order will work perfectly.
All the best for trading.
Thanks a lot !!!


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I have hp laptop 14 inch using 1366x 768 resolution and 27 inch hd monitor t panel with 1920x 1080 display. I use both for nest as per my requirement switch. ANd its has no issues. In full screen in 27 inch monitor also. I use 2 screens at a time one laptop and one monitor. Using finvasia nest trader 3.16.0.

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