Need AFL help: Plotting lines.


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The image will clear the details.

The line should plot on the chart - Highlighted by RED Circle.
The value - Highlighted in Green Circle on top left.
in your script, IF you need to turn YES to "Plot Breakout"
PlotBreak = ParamToggle("Plot Breakout", "YES|NO", 0);

THEN will plot in Gold color as follow

if(PlotBreak == 0)

Plot(MrktOpen, "Daily Open", colorBlack, styleLine | styleNoRescale);
Plot(BreakOutLong , "Break Out Long", colorGreen, styleLine | styleNoRescale);
Plot(BreakOutShort , "Break Out Short", colorRed, styleLine | styleNoRescale);
Plot(ProfitLong, "Long Target", colorGold, styleDots | styleThick | styleNoRescale);
Plot(ProfitShort, "Short Target", colorGold, styleDots | styleThick | styleNoRescale);
PlotOHLC(MrktOpen, breakOutLong, MrktOpen, MrktOpen, "", colorPaleGreen, styleCloud | styleNoRescale | styleNoLabel);
PlotOHLC(MrktOpen, MrktOpen, BreakOutShort , MrktOpen, "", colorRose, styleCloud | styleNoRescale | styleNoLabel);

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