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Major Shaitan Singh had led the extraordinary Battle of Rezang La during the 1962 India China War, in which120 Indian soldiers killed over 1000 Chinese soldiers. On the icy mountain pass that led to Ladakh's Chushul valley, the 120 soldiers repulsed seven attacks by the Chinese, launched in waves. Major Singh and 113 men fought to “the last bullet, last man” to ensure that Chushul did not fall into Chinese hands.
Major Singh’s body was found with his right hand clutching his bullet-ridden stomach. His memorial was built at the spot where he fell. But 61 years after this remarkable feat, the memorial had to be dismantled!

“Chushul Councillor Konchok Stanzin has revealed here that the site at which Major Shaitan Singh fell, where a memorial had been built, was dismantled as it fell in the buffer zone negotiated with China in 2021. This is a huge insult to the memory of Major Singh and the fallen heroes of Charlie Company,” Mr. Ramesh said on X, quoting Mr. Stanzin, a councillor in the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council.

Mr. Ramesh said the defence of Rezang La by C Company of 13 Kumaon, led by legendary Major Singh, is one of the most storied episodes of Indian war history.If any proof was still needed that the buffer zones negotiated by the Modi government are in territory previously controlled by India, it is provided by this most shameful concession,” he said.

“For four years, the Modi government has tried to cover up the worst territorial setback in six decades for India with its DDLJ approach: Deny, Distract, Lie and Justify.
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PM Modi invites ridicule for saying he is not biological, but ‘sent by god

In an interview to News 18, PM Modi said, “Until my mother was alive, I used to think I was born biologically. After her demise, when I look at my experiences, I am convinced that I was sent by god. This strength is not from my body. It has been given to me by god.




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PM Modi says no one knew Mahatma Gandhi till film was made on him

Rahul Gandhi, responding to him, said: 'Only a student of ‘Entire Political Science’ would need to watch the film to know about Mahatma Gandhi'.

Didi: Never Saw Such a Liar PM Like Modi

'Narendra Modi first PM to lower dignity of public discourse': Manmohan Singh

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