My intraday trading using gann square of nine

Dear all,

I was trading using gann square of nine for one month in 2015. I tested with small qty in real trading not paper trading. After one month trading I gave it up.because profit very less.I paid too much brokerage. No doubt using gann square for intraday is profitable.Below are my trades.average qty just 100.

Total trading days: 20days(jan'15)

Total traded :71

Total earnings : Rs.8768.35

Brokerage paid: Rs.5458.12

Taxes(incl.of all) paid: Rs.2772.47

Net P/Loss : Rs.537.76

I traded in icicidirect.their brokerage is very very high.if anybody trading in icicidirect. First stop it all.

After that i stopped trading till now.

My question is if I did at zerodha how much brokerage they would charge for that same trading?


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If you trade more than 5 trades a day (on average) then it will be good for you to go for monthly brokerage plan instead of per trade plan. There are many from 750 to 2000 plus taxes per month. There are now yearly and life time plans also. Search in brokers threads and choose.

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