Intraday Trading Using Gann

Dear Friends,

I have few queries on Gann. Request all those who have experienced in it to share their experience and reply to my queries.

1.) How to take entry ? Should one place SL orders at the levels we get or one should wait and see if markets are sustaining at those levels or not?

2.) As trading starts @ 9:15 we get levels by 9:30 i.e. after entering WAP of first 15 mins.
If any of the levels aren't triggered by 11:30 or 12 what to be done in that case?

3.) Is wap different then ATP? from where can I get WAP?

4.) I read somewhere if used with Candlesticks it will increase accuracy.
But it wasn't mention what candle and at what time frame as trading is for intraday only?

5.) what to do in the Mid way, suppose I login at 12 pm then?

6.) How to apply Trailing SL in it?

7.) Is volatility to be considered?

8.) What if after entering the trade it starts consolidating, for how long one should wait before exiting?

9.) What should be the position size as we have only one SL and 3 to 5 achievable targets in intraday?

10.) Can it be used for positional trading then how?

11.) We have to enter only WAP or LTP in Gann calc, but some are using High/Low what is the difference in both?

12.) What is Gann's accuracy?

13.) How to re-enter after SL triggered?

Thank you.

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