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An options trade needs 3 key points .

Direction,duration and extent of the move.Price action can give you the first and last .The middle one is decided by the market and the prevailing scenario.

Lets look at some of my short duration (1-2 days) Options trades.Let me mention 2 of them here.

A- A big down move.
B-A retracement.If you need you can draw a FIB retracement here.
C.Swing High wave of downmove
E-Higher swing low.
F-Breakout failure.Look at volume.Thats where I buy 5000 PE .I am not a hedging guy:) as I believe in what I do..

I get reward for my decision next day and I comeout.

2nd one goes here.

On 16th Nifty takes support at 5000 ,a Big round Number.Bhalloos Hit back at5100 odd levels and price comes back to 5000 and takes support again at 5000 and then makes a false breakout mentioned in the above post.This signifies that we are looking for next lower level.4900 and then 4800.

Now invariably there will be a furiuos battle at 5000 as bulls know if they let bhalloos break that level ,they will be in serious trouble.Lets watch.

Nifty breaks 5000 with a big shaven bar.Bulls fight with huge volume.A hammer.But hammer closes below the low of breakout bar means Bhaloos are :clap:

Now once the low of that hammer is broken ,I will assure you next support is only at 4800.On break of the low of that hammer,I go for both 4900 and 4800 PE risking 20% of my premium. Bulls still make tiny hammers but frisked away by bhalloo's immediately.I get may day labour charges on the same day as well for carrying those positions for next day.I do all these despite of my other heavy comittments as these type markets we do not get every day/week/month
Dear Raghav, Thanks for presenting your keen observation with comments for charts of different TF in your post 979 & 980. Given lot of introspection for me. My target to go through your entire thread as soon as possible.

Thanks again...SLMuncle
Nifty Daily

Last week we stated that the first gap was not closed and it signified the weakness off bulls. On friday we have one more gap which needs close to create any kind of confidence among bulls.As far as Japanese are concerned,they say in a big trend there will be 3 gaps and the when the 3rd gap is created we should look for covering the positions.Lets keep this noted and we shall watch out.

02-04-2009, 04-05-2009, 18-05-2009 on daily NF chart three gaps, plz explain whether these 3 gaps are correct after big uptrend. After third gap market went up. The gaps I have mentioned is correct ? Plz explain.


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भालू भाई लोगो ने बुल भाईयों का बहुत पिटाई किया
बुल भाई यो ने भागा
पर कहाँ?
भैंस के पीछे
तो फिर भैंस कहा है?

यहाँ पे

यहाँ पे


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So guys....... here it is...... Download links to the files are provided below. The files contains the posts till the end of June somewhere around the 740th post.... All in all it covers 75% of this thread as of now.......

Raghavji had earlier posted the Guidelines File for ready reference.... I am providing the download link over here.

My DayTrading Guidelines Final.pdf (Size: 2.02 MB)
Raghav - My DayTrading.pdf (Size: 24.56 MB)
Raghav - My DayTrading.docx (Size: 14.70 MB)

Thank You Raghavji.

Regards and Enjoy


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have heard of stock and index does cricket option ( betting )works?

Advice:eek:nly buy puts of "indian team " and only buy calls of "england team".

By the by i bought 4-0 pe of indian team.

(strategy name: White wash )

I dont know whether i have marked correct but 4803 was 161.8% of previous what next..??? 5005-5009 (23.6%) or 5146 (38.2%)..will try these numbers if raghaav approves..:)
iam trading for the last 8 months. i was not a trader actually, more like a investor. very recently i started trading, of course ended in losses. the question that suffers me is, which indicator to follow. i've followed RSI, MA, EMA and MACD still i didn't find any good result. if one says to go in one direction another will say to in another direction. im in totally confused state. can anyone help me???/..:(. recently i studied about bollinger bands and Gimme bars. but i haven't tried. i need to try those.
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