My Bank Nifty Option trades.


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Best of luck Varunji :)

I think it will be completed in 10-12 trades Max :)


What a drag!!!
And i also seek blessings from all and the market that i be humble in doing so. Confidence is one thing but over-confidence borders on arrogance. May i remain only confident.
All the very best and Cheers
No pressure, let you natural flow of trade! I want to thank you, for starting another thread
Many will know what is good and discipline system pay back
Cheers again
How much capital are you using ??
Yes TP ji, it does not make sense as if i were to use 5000 then i could have almost doubled it twice today already. (I bought a 23500PE at 75 in the morning and Exited at 125 and then bought 23400CE at 100 which went on to make a high of close to 180. (my costing is 100-50 = 50)). So did not come online as this is a grey area, as to what to use as capital and how to quantify it, because technically if i started with 75*40= 3000 then when 23400Ce was at 150, i would have doubled my capital in 2 trades. Pls suggest what to use as benchmark and how to go about this challenge.
Or i can buy an in the money call when i get a buy signal from my system and buy an in the money put when i get a sell call from my system, without taking profits in my call. (As i get 1 or 2 signals only in a day from this system now). By doing so i would effectively be locking my profits from the earlier trade.
Any suggestions. The reason i am asking for a feedback is so that people with limited funds could benefit as i would like to replicate their model. This is apart from my regular usual trades which i would not be disclosing.

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