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I have invested in equity mutual funds of 3 different fund houses. There is considerable difference in the returns given by these funds. Why?
Hi Sonika,

There can be difference in the investment philosophy, style of investment, market capitalization of the stocks selected, allocation of money to different sectors, corpus of the funds , expenses, benchmark chosen etc in the three different funds selected by you. Based on these attributes, each equity mutual fund would be different from another and that results in the difference in the returns. When you compare the returns given by the funds of different fund houses, you need to look at whether the funds are comparable based on above parameters and fall under the same category. Some equity funds are very well diversified and yet others are concentrated. Some funds follow value investment style & some others are growth based. Some funds have higher allocation to large cap (capitalization) stocks & lesser to small and mid cap and others may have higher allocation to mid and small cap sectors. The returns would vary based on which equity fund you have selected. Comparison is between likes and therefore when you look at difference in the performance of the funds you need to keep all the above in consideration.

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Depending on the fund houses, the returns will vary. this is because each fund house has a scheme that is based on certain set of stocks for investments. The stocks picked vary from scheme to scheme, so does the asset allocation, risk, and period of investment. As a result, the returns vary.

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