Mr.ShaileshbPatel'S SYSTEM.

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My email is ...
Amibrokerfans you can change the language of metastock in afl? I have a system of analysis that I develop the five years. Maybe we can make it to AmiBroker.

Also added some indicators in rocketjet afl, I'm in the testing phase, has worked well, if it fails more mistakes you'll pass through pm this week.

bro, no.. i never tried meta to ami ... but i can give a try!
anyway mail sent :thumb:
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whoever posting their email and not in the list,
i will not give them the afl :(

pls delete yr mail id.... plssssssssssssssss...........................
holygrail system found

now you all be legend .....warren buffett

duniya ______ banti hai banane wala chaiye tunna tunna .......

amibrokerfan and saileshpatel = warren buffett,william gann,rechard wycoff



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all pls...
dont excite much!! cool down..
ITS NOT HOLYGRAIL! more test and study needed.the only thing great abt, it can cut the whipsaw to max lvl.
the 15 member i choosed for study it better..
in it few r international trader..
few r positional trader, few r intra-trader..
few r defencive trader..
few r high aggressive trader..
few have very good knowlage on technicals..
few r good observer...
few r very helpfull for collecting other sources..
....what i am doing its good for all of us..
so pls all be helpfull

and pls dont post unnecessarily yr mail id!!
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Hello My friend I am new amibroker but I am working to learn.I want to try this afl Turkey future market and I am aggressive trader...I can try this afl different market
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