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Hi guys,

I have searched this forum and google also but could not find a mock trading site for Indian markets which would allow futures and options too apart from cash. Here are a few sites which I could locate.
1. ---- now closed.
2. ---- unable to find how to register, probably allows only its DP/trading clients to do mock trading.
3. ---- only cash market.

Also, please suggest some way for intraday mock trading, mock trading in futures and options as well as commodities. If senior members can shed some light on this, newbies can save those costly bucks lost in learning mistakes.

Please put your findings friends.


Ravi S Ghosh
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Hello all,

As senior members have pointed out in many posts on this forum, one can only learn to deal with emotional aspects of trading using real money in the market.

But as Ravi has mentioned in his post, for newbies like us trying to learn TA and money management it is better to first try our hands on paper trading. As we are trying to evolve our own trading system it will be easier to have access to an automated online trading facility to validate our system.

Ravi, I am also looking for a similar facility for paper/mock trading. In my search I found a very good site for forex and commodity trading but could not geting anything for Nifty.
If you are intrested in forex then do check out
You will have to create a login id and download a software. This trial version is valid for a month (btw: they give you $50K for mock :eek: )

If any members know of similar site/software for Nifty please send in a link.

But till such time lets use real paper or maybe excel sheets, might as well save a few trees in the process :)



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Re: Paper Trading in Sensex stocks

You can do mock trading here in sensex stocks
Go to the stock market game section after a simple registration


I am preparing for Capital Market module of NCFM... I am facing difficulty as I am not able to find a screen shot or image of NEAT Trading system.

I will appriciate your help in finding a screen shot of NEAT Terminal.

Thanks in advance,

- Raman :)

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