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I have bought equity and i have a forced lock down of 3 yrs so
i am bored to death to decided to improve my trading .

i am do virtual mock trading based on Live prices
Best way to practice huh after 3 yrs i be 1%(not more )of Legendary trader i think
Here i start my journey today

i am load 100000 R.s in virtual money

Date : 30/03/2020
buys 113 [email protected] CNC (reason pandar -45 degree ) (bear chetra 856 )
buys 27 yes bank @ 25.4 CNC (reason crosses bullfire point )

special thx to Romeo1998 you always like my post you are my fan i can tell ^^
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sold all hdfc bank @850 all
yes bank 3842 @25 cnc
now total yes bank 3869
base rate be 25.85 to break even

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