Mobile Alerts


I want to know is there any way i can get price alerts for stocks and indices in the mobile. Since i remain busy this will help me in deciding whether or not to enter a trade when prices reach a particular level.

Any software, website etc . Even paid ones will also serve my purpose.Tnx


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Adding to the above post, is there any Android apps available to view Live MCX charts? Preferably Candle stick charts.

Thank you.

I think has an option for Mobile alerts. But you have to pay for it. their email alerts are free and almost real time. If you have a smart phone and a data plan, you can set the email syncing option and use the email alert facility. It is free and real time.
Also forgot to add. As of now their email alerts facility is limited to just 10 stocks. You cannot monitor more than 10 stocks for free. Has any one had better luck ?


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You could develop your own utility that reads data from google. For equity, google does give data.... you can punch in all numbers you want to monitor and let it intimate you if ltp is +/- 1% of your desired level