Metastock users... please help

How can we download the historical data to METASTOCK through Downloader SE, or is there any other method of Downloading the data..

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B Vinod
What is "Downloader SE"?

Is it the downloader that comes with MetaStock or an additional software?

There is a FREE downloader discussed about at this forum


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I too have just purchased metastock and am going to attend a seminar in two weeks time. Can somebody please tell me dos and donts of this software- what to be wary of? What are the strengths and weaknesses etc. Unfortunately there is no metastock user group in India like in the other countries and hense this query. Thanks
Congratulations on your purchase.

If you have purchased ver 9.0 you should be ahaving access to "The MetaStock Neighborhood".

Capitalize on the knowledge and experience of thousands of MetaStock users by participating in the MetaStock Neighborhood a revolutionary, new way for MetaStock users to interact with one another! Chat room topics include Plug-Ins/Add-Ons, Real-Time Trading, Mutual Funds, and more... or you can create your own! You can even post your own MetaStock charts for others to view!

The MetaStock Neighborhood is the perfect forum for sharing trading ideas, formulas, and charts with other traders of similar interests. Now there is a place where any type of trader can go to be a part of a very unique, very dynamic community.


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Thanks for replying.

I have been to the community. Unlike in the manual where all indicator groups aregiven, there is nothing in the gerneal category. In the public category, there are hardly learning tips for beginners and private would be beyond me.

Am I going wrong somewhere?
Hello Hiren,


This introduction was written for investors who are new to technical analysis. It presents the basic concepts and terminology in a concise manner. If you are familiar with technical analysis, you will probably find the Reference the appropriate starting point.


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Thanks for your suggestion. I have been through that and found it very useful even though I had already read 2-3 books on Technical analysis.

What I was asking for some suggestions for practical exercises and by that I do not mean basic charting operations or building your own indicator which shall take some time.

For layouts, an interesting exercise, would be to make one for the companies in the same industry. Maybe u could suggest something else.

Since we have been investors so far, I tried to see in which of the scrips is the price>200 moving average among the scrips that we hold for knowing the long term bearish/ bullish trend. Then to see whether that is at an increased volume. What I want to ask is whether is one supposed to see this over period of a week of two because u can't just decide one fine day. Can u sugget any other exercise for investors.

Among the shares that we hold, one can also run the tests and see which test gives the best results vis-a-vis buy hold for each scrip. What is the next step and can u suggest any other exercise.

I am going to attend a seminar on technical analysis a couple of weeks from now but there they will cover too many topics in a couple of days and I may not be able to make the best of it. This effort is to make the best of the seminar.


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I have been through the CD sights you suggested. This is what the basic CD suggests:-

How to resize and manipulate windows and inner windows, toolbars, price plots and indicators.

How to create and download your data files.

How to create layouts, templates, charts, and short-cut menus.

The interface as it applies to dialogs, file selection, and more.

Metastock has three manuals apart from their own-line help where all this is adequately covered. Let us look at the advanced version:-

How to create an Expert Advisor in easy-to-understand terms.

To understand the potential of the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) features.

How to import data into spreadsheets, charts, word processing, and presentation software.

How to create custom formulas, explorations, and system tests.

How to analyze reports.

Except for the last two which have not been so well covered, the others have been well explained in the three manuals.

What I was asking was some advice on some good exercises that one could conduct using the tools and not to learn how the tool operates. Basic question- Once u have learnt the basic operations about charting and system tester, explorer and expert advisor what are some good exercises that a beginner should aim for. Rephrasing, what were some of the first things u attempted after familialirizing with how metastock functions.

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