Market updates for Intraday


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Monday, 18-Apr-2011, 8:45am

Gap-up to Flat opening predicted for our market today;
World markets mostly in green; Dollar prices up; Crude going up;
NIFTY support levels today are: 5780 and 5750;
NIFTY has resistance today at these levels: 5880 and 5900;
Q4 Results today: IFCI, Indusind Bank, HDFC Bank and others;
Cautious but positive trading expected today.

Note: I will post regular updates on market situation, with short time predictions, on all trade-days at around 8:40am, 10am, 11am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm. Please observe for a few days, give your feedback and tell me whether this is useful so that I will continue. Otherwise, no point wasting everybody's time :)


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Monday, 18-Apr-2011, 10am

Slight Gap-up opening as predicted;
Went up fast then settled above 5870;
World markets in green except Japan;
Positive bias in our markets now.


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Monday, 18-Apr-2011, 11am

Market in Green; NIFTY currently around 5875;
Flat trading continues; Positive bias;
Resistance of around 5880 not overtaken with conviction yet;
Asia closing positive; Our markets should sustain.


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Monday, 18-Apr-2011, 12:30pm

Market suddenly went in Red after last update;
Going down further now; Negative bias;
NIFTY around 5765 now; Support of 5780 breached; 5750 holding;
Downside due to market cycles only it seems;
Asian markets also going down; Await Europe opening;
Market will definitely recover some ground;
Better to stay away for LONG till market turns up.


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Monday, 18-Apr-2011, 2:30pm

Market still deep in red; Going down with negative bias;
NIFTY is around 5748 now; went down to 5733 at 14:07;
Asia closed mostly in the red; Europe trading in red;
Expected turn-around did not come;
But it is still possible; We expect a closing of around 5780.


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nayachora> Yes, updates are what these posts give and that is what this thread is called: Market updates for Intraday -- however, within these updates we definitely give our views on what the market is likely to do. Follow our updates and you'll find more of these in future.


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