Looking for a mentor in option trading


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@doss186 Just my $2 cents.
What you have posted is very commonly known.

1. Your data on paper will look neat, forget the trend for a while, bcos trend will be in hindsight.
Back-testing should be done not on EOD data alone,
what are your results with how many times your shorting SL is hit?

2. There is something called Volatility Smile. IV increases as you go away from ATM, so many paper strategies will give holy grail results in back-test.

3. With deep ITM and shorting, you aren't discussing ROCE.
That should be part of your extensive research.

4. "Shorting options will give you more profit than shorting futures"
your quote should also say, "Shorting options can make more loss as well"

5. with deep ITM&OTM, spread is larger, volume is lower, did you analyze slippage? Shorting naked puts by Industry standards is considered as the riskiest.
You strategies should employ "Option strategies".


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I never go for stoploss order. My stoploss is the signal from the strategy. Out of
100 trade I have only 5 to 10 losing trades. That too with minimal loss.


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I cannot directly give you the strategy. But you can decode from the charts
I don't want any strategy from you.....and never asked you....

Selling option and Buying naked option I am trading last 8 yrs, with my learned knowledge.....so...no need your advice or strategy......
Thanks to all.. who posted here about Dilip shaw.
i was just thinking to subscribe his course. but after reading here my mind is changed. i am new to hedging. i have already lost huge amount of 5 lakh by taking naked positions in option and by being fooled in the hands of tip providers.
please share 1 or 2 links where can i learn hedging techniques which are better than dilip shaw. thanks


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strategy 1) iron condor
options with 45-60 days to expiry( next month expiry)
selling 300-400 points away (or 5% of the nifty spot) options from nifty spot. nifty spot is 7733. sell 7300 put and buy 7100 put and sell 8200 ce and buy 8400 ce.
you will receive credit. wait it out for nifty to swing between 7300 and 8200 range. theta will reduce the premium as as it nears the expiry. target is 50-90% of the credit received. exit the position. stop loss is, if the downtrend or uptrend is strong close the position when nifty spot reaches the short strike price.
strategy 1 fails, stop loss is hit, move to strategy 2 and double the number of lots by opening a credit spread (suppose nifty spot at 8200 close iron condor open credit spread doubling the lots ie, sell 8500 ce and buy 8700 ce) 300-400 away from nifty spot same time you exit the iron condor position.

choosing the options strike price is completely up to you.
Can you share the pdfs if possible please ?
Or this is his strategy in a nut shell :)
Hi Just went through this topic as I was browsing Optionscourse website. Just moving aside from Dilip Shaw, there is a guy called Chirag who claims that he has ZERO loss option strategies. He regularly conducts weekly trainings across India. His company name is FINROOT and there are quite a few good reviews about his training. Anyone had experience with FINROOT training?
Hello mutualguru etal

There is one guy Mr Dilip Shaw based in Kolkata. He runs very beautiful option course which he himself follows. It is most cost effective. His website is optioncourse. Please do google search.

I am able to generate 3% returns every month for last one quarter without any fear by following his course verbatim. I havenot encountered any other course so much relevant and practical than Dilip shaw course.

Please do give me feedback after you contact him.
Hey Can anyone update me his strategy is working?

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