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Mutual funds buying in August 2022:


Investors can check stocks that were bought by mutual funds last month (August 2022) in this link https://www.rupeevest.com/Mutual-Fund-Holdings

Investors can pin point at which price (approx price) MFs bought these stocks based on delivery volumes of August month (data avialble in NSE web site in this link https://www1.nseindia.com/products/content/equities/equities/eq_security.htm

For example MFs bought kotakbank around 1840-1870 investors can do their own analysis based on these info.......

Thank you for sharing and I am quite surprised to see Zomato on the list. This is enough to prove that market capitalization is not enough for a stock to generate good returns.


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Stocks bought by Mutual funds in Sept 2022:

Investors can track MF buying in the below link:



One of the stocks bought was HeroMotor. Investors can check their approx buying value through high delivery volumes in the particular month.



Highest delivery happened on Sept 16th around 12laks and closing price on that day was Rs. 2687, So MF average buying rate around Rs 2700, based on these info investors can do their own analysis.


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My 2 cent ...
You will neevr make money in stock who is already in sky ;xD
imagine Mr Rakesh buying Titan @ 2,752
and imagine him buying @ R.s 4

U understand my point ? you neevr make money when u buy stock is in sky buy it when its in grund

MOST recent example .. company is idiotic .. nothing special no exctra ordinay but if you had catch this tail of crocodile you wouldhave crossed ocean in less then 4 months ;xD

Below image speaks catch the beast tail when its on ground NOt when its in air .. well now party is over i feel even i missed this one lol


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If a stock has already caught attention from others you are unlikely to make good money (double, triple your deposit) unless it is meme stock that became the tool for high risk speculation. Professional stock picking consists of discovering non-crowded trades which for some reasons has been left unnoticed by many.

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