Long-term and Short-term Setups


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NZD/USD Wave Analysis

~~ The counter has completed a 5-wave bull cycle.
~~ It is now poised to make an ABC correction and break below the support 0.68655 validates it.
~~ Hence, we advise traders to go short after the support breaks.

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0.69800 and small retracemet and then up to 0.7800 in the next 3-4 months....IMO


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After loosing Lakhs of R.s in market 1 thing it has taught me

If you want to make money Buy Quaity stock and Sit on it for 10 20 yrs then Real wealth is made

Famous Trader said " It was Never my Trading that made me Rich ,It was always my Sitting on it "
Even buffet invested 1 billion in 1980 in coco cola @ $2.6 and current price is About $60 ? and still not sold lol
Rj :--> I bought titan at R.s 4 You bought titan at R.s 1250 Only god now may save you :xD
USD/JPY Technical Analysis

~~ USD/JPY made a strong impulse move two weeks before.
~~ But the rally fizzled out at the high and since then the pair is retracing its move.
~~ Now, it has found support around the 103.7 mark.
~~ A move beyond the resistance 104.2 can invite bulls once again in this counter and hence we advise traders to go long as soon as the pair breaks above it.

USD/CHF Technical Analysis

~~ The counter has been coiling within a 300 pip range.
~~ Now, it is at the lower end of the range and taking support.
~~ We expect the pair to head higher to the upper end of the range.

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis

~~ The counter has been in a steady decline for the last 3 months.
~~ Now, it has hit a strong support level which could trigger some profit booking.
~~ Further, the stochastic indicator has given a buy signal by crossing over from the oversold zone.
~~ Hence, we expect the pair to be bullish in the short-term.

AUD/CHF Wave Analysis

~~ The counter has been in a 5-wave bull cycle.
~~ Now, it is in the wave 4 phase which results in a bearish correction.
~~ Hence, we expect the pair to be bearish in the near-term.

USD/CAD Technical Analysis

~~ The counter is currently hovering around long-term support of 1.3000.
~~ Though the price action has been able to marginally breakdown, it is not able to follow through.
~~ Further, the stochastic indicator has made a bullish crossover from the oversold zone in the 8-h chart.
~~ Hence, we expect the bulls to push the pair to higher levels from here.


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