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Dear Mr.Murthymsr,
Good Evening and goodevening to everybody.I am a new
member.Before registering I read the posts and astonished to see how helpful the people are to someone whom they have not seen and never will.
This kind of opensourcing makes me happy.
I donot know much about computing except browsing and mailing and i am
learning little by little.I have PIB.Pls clarify my following doubts.
1.You people are talking about Metastock.But from what I have heard it is a
Proprietory software and how do you able to get all those software and tools free ?
2.If it is so can we able make it work with PIB and commodity quotes ?
3.Are Fcharts as effective as Metastock ?
If you can bear with me I have lot to ask .Goodluck to everybody.
Please any one can help me out in writing a program to get Yahoo BSE data (delayed ) for college mini-project !!!
Thanx in advance!!!!
QuotesOnDesk-NSE Intraday/EOD quote download/converter to Metastock/Amibroker/CSV

Murthy Garu

Can you add following link to the new software QuotesOnDesk in your original message?
Software is available @

With QuotesOnDesk software

  • You can choose the interval at which to download the intraday quotes
  • You can select the stocks for which you want the IntraDay quotes. Only those quotes will be downloaded.
  • You can change the stock list anytime you want
  • Downloads between 9.30-16.00 hours so can be kept running overnight without consuming internet data limits
  • Provides basic charts on downloaded IntraDay Quotes
  • You can select to download IntraDay NSE Indices too.
  • Compare your stock with any given index (on charts)
  • Displays IntraDay charts for max 3 stocks and 2 indices at a time
  • Runs in the background without any irritating messgae boxes for errors or otherwise (you can close the window and just have a icon in system tray on bottom right)
  • Can connect to internet through proxy/firewall. Can be run in LAN environment
  • Quotes are taken from Please honour NSE terms for use of the downloaded data
  • Quotes are saved to database and also optionally in daywise csv files (automatically)

-- download EOD quotes (just give start & end date for the period)
-- export downloaded EOD data (for all stocks or selectively)
Most wanted features added
-- Automatically save intraday quotes in MetaStock format !
-- Also it can export downloaded Intraday or EOD data into Metastock Format on click of a button !
-- Save or export Intraday/EOD quotes in a single ASCII/CSV file
-- Can download Intraday Futures data (for 1, 2 or all 3 contracts). Also the stock symbol remains same. Symbol is NSE symbol padded with month and year of contract expiry. So quotes for REL for futures expirying on 27Mar08 symbol will be REL0308 and so on!!
-- Futures data for Index Futures can also be downloaded
-- Intraday futures data is also saved automatically in MetaStock format
-- Currently only max 255 stocks can be exported to Metastock format

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Can someone can help me get following data in the text/excel format.
BSE_Code_of_company, currentMarketPrice, EPS, PE, DividendYield, BookValue,FaceValue

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