LIC policy New Jeevan Shree

I have a fully paid-up LIC policy New Jeevan Shree (T.No 151). Sum assured 5 lakhs, Plicy term 20 years, Premium payment term 12 years. Annual premium was Rs:44164. Policy started in Jan 2003 premium payment was completed in 2014. Currently it is FULLY PAID-UP.

1) How much money I can expect when the policy term ends in 2023? Is there any pointers on how I can calculate this?
2) If I surrender the policy now, how much I can get?


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LIC Declares bonus each year. You can visit the LIC site and see bonus rate for each year for all the previous years and can make rough estimate what they may pay you in the following years add up all for 20 years and that's what you are most likely to get along with the Rs 500,000.00 paid by you to LIC. Posted image is for Table No 162 you may search as per you plan.

If you surrender LIC policy mid way you are most likely to get less than what you have paid to LIC untill now.


Bonus for Year 2010:

NB: Bonus rates are per thousand therefore for Bonus on policy value 5 lakh multiply by 500.


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guaranteed additions were there in Jeevan Shree policies for a particular cut off period. Check that as well and whether guaranteed additons are available which they must be on surrender if contemplated
Hi Sir,

I have a Jeevan Shree Policy (Plan-151) from LIC with 5 lacs sum assurred. I am paying 2737/month as a premium.
Start date of the Policy is 28-03-2003.

Request you to let me know if I want to surrender this policy by the end of 2018 or March 2019. What will be the surrender value of the same.

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