LIC Jeevan Tarang policy

Hello everybody,

I m planning to purchase this policy "Lic Jeevan Tarang policy (plan No.178) " with Accumulation periods 20 years. and premium approx 15000. yearly..

My age is 22 and just need to know the benefits which will be covered under this policy and the amount which will i receive after the maturity of the policy ...

Thax a lot in advance ...
Jeevan Tarang is not a pension policy IMHO. I have it in addition to Jeevan Anand and Market Plus. The only problem I have with market linked policies is that LIC does not send statements and it only mentions the balance units in your policy on its website. There is no way to find out the charges.
@^^ I am unable to get you ... On what reply you made ... can you please elaborate more on that...
You mentioned earlier that you wanted a pension policy. Jeevan Tarang is not a pension policy. You can find complete info on all policies along with examples at

Regarding Market plus policy, they do not send you statements which makes it difficult to calculate your current units or charges.
Your LIC agent should be able to explain that better. They usually show you plans with 6% and 10% annualized gains.

You can also get the rough estimates from the link you posted by applying a multiplying factor on the premium amounts or Sum assured.

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