Lets double the money in 40 trades

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Lets double the money in 40 trades

only with nifty future and bank nifty future

1 lakh in account

lets double it to 2 lakh in 40 trades.

with 2 % risk only in each trade

any one try to do it with me ...


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Dude..where are you from?

many here came dreaming big like double in xx months , crorepati in few xxxx and blah blah blah...went away somewhere in the air...

But you are having certain different things like

1. the capital you will trade
2. The risk you shall handle
3. No. of trade you expect to make it double.

certainly I feel you make it . Or at least you will not run away like others.

Sure I would like see at least one person who comes and show us professional attitude towards game of stock speculation.

Please do continue.

And ...at least we know how many trades we need to watch in this thread....
Translates to 25 points per trade(2lots of nifty)* 40 trades....
All the best,looking forward to it.I am yet to come across a guy who has done 25 points per trade in a row(40 trades),if u do it u will be a genius.

Again all the very best.
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