I have been searching for that which company is the best intraday data provider in India.So I think Traderji is one of the best place where I can enriched myself from the experienced person about this matter.so I am eagerly waiting for their guidence.Please guide me.:clap:


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Let me know the best Intraday Tick data provider.
It is the about the quality of the data which matters and not the cost.

Every one claims to provide tick data but provides 1 second data I guess and not sub second data or true tick by tick data.

Please let me know the data providers providing

1.True Tick by Tick data
2.Sub second data - (Ex - e-signal)


I have found Aptistock software can be freely downloaded for charting. I however do not know from where we can get data tick by tick without delay. If any one has used Aptisock please let me know . I wish to find out about the quality of this software for intraday trading particularly in nifty future and options.

Thank you in advance

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