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Live Crude chart....
May be in marked area you had doubt....
So for identify pivots you must start marking pivots in charts....If you want to identify pivots in every chart without any doubt then you need to go through hundreds of charts in off and live ....depends upon your screen time .....but if you want to succeed then you must do this hard work :)



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Please NOTE....we use these pivots mostly for our trade entries and stops even in next step to find visual pivots and visual trends ...so this is backbone of this /any method ....
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My earlier same thread deleted some unknown reason.I recieved many PM's by newbies about that thread which link still there in my signature (which I not noticed):( .Though same related thread is there of Subhdip here...still I sharing my way of trades as am trading this simple way since long time now....
My only intention for start this thread that it may help some newbies to start trading in profitable and confidence way .....If this thread helps any new trader am satisfied....:)

Great to see you back in teaching mode.


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Nice keep going :)
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