What happened to Learn to Fish thread?

logged in after some gap and am unable to find the thread started by Vjay
Learn To Fish. What happened to it?
Then many will starve :(


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Vijay sir thread & pratap sir thread both are missing..
2days before in night traderji has spammed with so many threads related to some escort nos ..I thought both threads were deleted by mistake with those spammed threads..

but now 2 day passed, no news about those threads..
I have posted a request to restart them in general trading chat...my post have also got deleted..& no new post from pratap sir,st sir or vijay bro from 2-3 days


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Very sad to know that. I had similar kind of situation. Before when I was at TSF. There all my stuffs are hidden. Now I can not see those.

Here also in a single thread I had contributed. But that too got deleted.

Now I have to start a fresh.

But have a feeling that for all those some body is behind. And something fussy about it.

Can any one day that. After starting my new thread and hard work it will again deleted. B

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