Learn Basic of Stock Market & Technical Analysis

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Lets try to understand the basic concept....
We follow simple rule..
We start discussing basic and we go forward slowly towards advance level..

My first question is
Q1. What is Stock?:)
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  • Stock is nothing is but the Ownership of the company.
  • Total capital has been divided into small parts and each part is called as Stock.
  • If you own a stock of Tata Motors Ltd, it means you are also owner of the Tata Motors. However your rights are limited to the stock you hold.
  • Say, if you hold 100 shares of XYZ Ltd, Meanwhile XYZ issued 10000 shares. It means you hold 1 % (100/10000) of the company. So your will be eligible for 1% of the company benefits, however your liability are limited to the amount you paid to purchase the stock.

For better understanding... Can anybody add your views...
What is Technical Analysis?..:)
Technical Analysis can be roughty defined as the study of past price and volume data to predict the future price action.

Technical Analysis also takes into account the very basic relationship between Demand and Supply. i.e. If Demand is more, price will move up and vice-versa.

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