JStock 1.0.5s had been released (Free Stock Market Software)

JStock 1.0.5s had been released, which has improved portfolio display, online stock database, improved charting and many bug fixes.

Feature: Portfolio with consistent decimal places.

Feature: Supports daily, weekly and monthly charts.

Feature: Supports online database, which gives you an easy way to add new IPO stock.

Feature: We may now use arrow keys to move around the chart's yellow info box.

Feature: Able to display open price in Stock Watchlist.

Bug fixes: There are total 5 bug fixes.

You may download latest JStock 1.0.5s from http://jstock.sourceforge.net/download.html. After upgrade, your personal data will be preserved.

Please write us Ratings and Reviews after you have used JStock, to help us in making JStock a better software.


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I downloaded and tested, it's cool software,
I can see live Quotes with portfolio value changing real time.
Charts also looks good and simple.

Thanks for sharing.

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