Jiddu Krishnamurthi



Take a look at krishnamurthi's philosophy here
He alongside epictetus is my favorite philosophere
Take a look whenever trading becomes difficult


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What a pleasent surprise. He happens to be my favorite too though I don't understand everything he says. Since he believed in exploration through discussion, are you aware of any community forum where krishnamurthy followers discuss his teachings the way we discuss trading here?

I have a book by Epictetus too and find many of his sayings very interesting.

I think many of their teachings would apply to the psychology part of trading as a person with a balanced mind has a better chance. A lot of their teachings go a long way in removing greed and fear which is so vital for trading well.


I dont know of any community as such sh50 perhaps we should start one
His teaching dont have many fans really as he was very straight forward whereas people prefer the same old sugarcoated rehash.And thats why he is my favorite.Contrarian Stand.Hehe
How about posting ur favorite jk quotes sh
I will post mine


JK on discipline

Why do you think that you must discipline yourself? To what do you want to discipline yourself? When you say, 'I must discipline myself,' you hold before yourself a standard to which you think you must conform. Self-discipline exists as long as you want to fill the emptiness within you; it exists as long as you hold a certain description of what God is, what truth is, as long as you cherish certain sets of moral standards which you force yourself to accept as guides. That is, your action is regulated, controlled, by the desire to conform. But if action is born of discernment, then there is no discipline.

Some other good ones

For the guru mongers

Now, if you must have a guru, somebody to inspire you, to encourage you, to tell you that you are doing well, it means that you are relying on that person, and inevitably you are lost when he goes away someday. The moment you depend on a person or an idea for inspiration there is bound to be fear, therefore it is not true inspiration at all, Whereas, if you watch a dead body being carried away, or observe two people quarrelling, does it not make you think? When you see somebody being very ambitious, or notice how you all fall at the feet of your governor when he comes in, does it not make you reflect? So there is inspiration in everything, from the falling of a leaf or the death of a bird to mans own behavior. If you watch all these things you are learning all the time; but if you look to one person as your teacher, then you are lost and that person becomes your nightmare. That is why it is very important not to follow anybody, not to have one particular teacher, but to learn from the river, the flowers, the trees, from the woman who carries a burden, from the members of your family and from your own thoughts.

The difficulty with most grown-up people is that they have not solved the problem of their own living, and yet they say to you, I will tell you what is practical and what is not.

He rightly said that to FOLLOW ANOTHER IS EVIL NO MATTER WHO IT IS and that so greatly applies on the markets where u suspend ur brain to follow some body elses tips and in the process learn nothing


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It is ironical that Krishnamurthy though being an outstanding intellectual never tried to be a guru and you can come across any number of people trying to be overall gurus- everybody enjoys being a guru but not everybody likes being a chela( Winston Churchill," I love learning but I do not like being taught".

You are right about applying brains in the stock market if you have the time- can pay in the long run. Something else for the sharemarket by krishnamurthy:-

Some wise man said that the whole world runs according to the perception of reality, not reality. Another said that the perception of reality is more important than reality. Both are applicable to the share market more than anything else.

"Obviously what you pursue and seek, you will find. But is that reality? Is it not the projection of your own knowledge? It is possible to know that now -not tommorow but now and see that I see the truth of it and let it go so that the mind is not crippled by this process of imagination of projection."

I have met Technical analysts who don't read the news or even the name of the share. They just try to see the truth in the chart without an buggage of history to make a totally objective assessment. I met a trader who said that to do fundamentals and technicals simulatenously without being prejudiced was very tough. One should go ony by the chart.

What an application of Krishnamurthy's teachings. I am sure there is no book called Krishnamurthy and the share market which is actually a good place to learn spirituality.If one is really spiritual(peaceful, balanced, equanomous), he will make a good trader?


One thing people forget when they are in the markets is -what is their objective-why are they in the markets.
If u listen carefully they have not got their objective clear.They talk about valuations are attractive or inflation is increasing etc when the sole purpose is making money.How many people became rich watching cnbc or reading economic times.Not many i guess.
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Krishnamurthy has written about surrender to What is. In the context of the market, dont you think it is quite correct. One cannot fight the market and one has to follow strict stop losses to survive- it is surrender to What is; somebody has made a post on trading without Ego which is same concept in different language.

Secondly, let us look at charting. Krishnamurthy says , We do not want to understand what is. We look at what is through spectacles of prejudice, of condemnation, of identification and it is very arduous to remove these spectacles and to look at what is. Surely what is is a fact is the truth and all else is an escape is not the truth.

I have read that some people try to see in charts what they have already concluded. I have also heard about TA analysts tearing of the name of the scrip in the chart to achieve complete objectivity or not listening to the news at all.

I sure wish Krishnamurthy was alive. Just imagine imparting his teachings through the nifty and the sensex. He was an outstanding intellectual. He could have had a go at predicting trends. The market being the market, that could have proved to be his waterloo.
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Dear Sirs,

My name is David and I am a trader from Edinburgh in Scotland. I was just browsing your wonderful site and came across this thread. I consider Jiddu Krishnamurti to be one of the most important men to have ever lived and thought that I would share a link to his complete teachings online: http://tchl.freeweb.hu/

I hope this is of some interest to you.



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Hi David, Nice link you have given. For somebody who believed is exploration through discussions, I am suprised that there is no community forum like this one among Krishnamurthy's followers where one can discuss and get deeper understanding of his teachings.

If you know of any, kindly let me know. Thanks.
Hi Sh50,

I do not know of any communities on the scale of Traderji.com, but there are certainly a lot of smaller ones out there. Go to www.yahoo.com, click on 'Groups' and type in 'Krishnamurti'. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. You could also try MSN as well.

For more general information, you may wish to check out the websites of the three main foundations:

India: www.kfionline.org
U.K.: www.kfoundation.org
U.S.: www.kfa.org


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