Is this really a worth while goal?


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The majority of us expect to become extremely rich through trading (saving the handful who just want subsistence from it). However the filthy rich aren't really a happy lot as you can see - drug abuse, multiple marriages and divorces, suicides etc).

Dr. Jan Itor

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I had written a two page essay in reply. But suffice to say that for every "rich" guy suffering these maladies, you will find ten guys who are leading the aristotelian "good life". And at the core of both those examples is not money or any other "super structure", but the foundational values and morals inculcated during our formative years.

Maybe this was just an academic or philosophical query from your end. If not, and if you are feeling lost, anomic or experiencing a mild sense of nihilism (natural thing to feel, given the sombre environment of late), discuss this with someone - maybe a family member, a friend, a colleague or even a stranger on the internet - but just let those thoughts out of the echo chamber. That provides mental clarity and relief, and lifts the mist of confusion that prevails during uncertain times.

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