1. C

    Is there any tool or software that can detect volatile movement and place orders accordingly?

    Sometimes there is a volatile movement in nifty. Coincidentally, I was watching such movement and there was sudden fall in index, during which I could buy put option 11200 and made good amount of money ...but I am watching index every minute so wondering if there is any tool that can detect such...
  2. J

    Historical Volatility in 5m

    How to make a historical volatility indicator for a 5-minute chart? ps. on the daily chart it plots the correct value, but when it changes to 5 minutes the volatility is wrong. thx
  3. Nikhil Dogra

    Volatility Day Trading

    Volatility trading is simply buying and selling the expected future volatility of the instrument. Rather than predicting whether the price of an asset will move up or down, volatility traders are concerned with how much movement, in any direction, will occur. The most common way to trade...
  4. R

    Daily and annual Volatility of NSE futures

    Hi All, I am new to this and searching for formula that will provide both daily and annual volatility of the stock or index. I tried searching but got lost with tremendous amount of information that leads me to another website like a chain reaction. Please help me on this on how to ahcieve...
  5. T

    Identifying future volatility and momentum

    Hi, How do I identify stocks that are likely to have a greater volatility and continued price growth or decline (around 15% to 20%) over a 10-20 day time period? Usually the problem that I face is as soon as I zero in on a stock and enter into a trade, the price moves very slowly and...
  6. N

    Identify Price Volatility As Early As Possible With Moving Averages

    Hi all, This may be useful for some intraday traders. I'm not the better day trader. This is to identify price volatility as early as possible by using EMA Concept : If price increase, then slope of the average line should also increase. If price decrease, then slope of the average line...
  7. N

    Daily Option IVs

    Hello, Is it possible to get the daily volatility skew (with respect to strike) data for the Indian markets - say for Nifty? Regards Manish
  8. R

    How to trade intraday using Volatiltiy

    This is extract copied from one of the books https://sites.google.com/site/intradayautomatedsoftware/How%20to%20trade%20intraday%20using%20Advanced%20Volatility%20Calculator.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1 In any stock market, the prices of any underlying are subject to change based on various market...
  9. O

    Beta of stocks and Strategy selection

    As we enter September, there is quite a bit of uncertainty in the global scene. An attack on Syria seems all but given at this point, and there is a looming battle in Congress over the debt ceiling and Obamacare. All of this seems to indicate a volatile month in the markets. Given these...
  10. pankajpari

    Historical & Intraday Annual Volatility

    Hi All, I need help in coding the Historical Annual Volatility and the Intraday Annual Volatility in AmiBroker. The formula for the same is mentioned below, Historical Annual Volatility : HAV Returns = Log( Current Close / Previous Close); HAV Current Daily Volatility = SQRT(( 0.94 * (HAV...
  11. Nehal_s143

    Nifty Daily Volatility

    Hi Friends I want to know how Nifty Daily Volatility is calculated, is there old data available for Nifty Daily Volatility or any afl available I tried with smart-finance method but the values are not matching with nseindia.com values Regards Nehal
  12. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Any solution on flat trading day?

    hello to all the members od traderji, many of you are doing trading for years, i want to know from you that is there any solution of flat price movement trading day. I have two questions 1) any way to understand that price movement is going to be flat 2) any solution to flat day. Thanx in...
  13. N

    Volatility-based Intraday calculator for BSE

    Dear friends, For a long time, I have been trying to develop an intraday calculator using Excel and VB. Finally, I have been able to pull it off. You just need to enter the BSE scrip code and the data is pulled into the excel sheet and the signals are generated for you to follow...