is there any diffenence between on/offline shopping

is it safe to shop mobile online

  • no, it's better to shop near by store

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  • yes, it's safe

    Votes: 7 100.0%
  • can't say

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thank you friends.....
I prefer safe and bought several...things no complain yet....:thumb:
It's not big, it's more like tremendous anyway on all possible level you may only think about it. I still prefer offline shopping cause there is a lot of things present in that manner which online one never can really give you. So do it while it lasts.
Today in coronavirus panic where you see all our police in protection masks on the streets and beating people with a sticks you clearly can do something like compare that two things entirely and possibly anyway. I do not know what else could be.
Sure for example now in COVID panic try to do some offline shopping if it's not groceries, I want you to try all that entirely and possibly for whatever possible reason. We do need to take care about everything out there absolutely.... ;)

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