Is Forex a gambling?

Every body knows the gambling games like rulette and slut and lotteries where you have 50/50 chance to win. And even if you lose you will continue enjoy playing the game. Do you feel the same thing happen to you when you trade forex? I actually feel that forex is somehow like a chance game that need skills to lower the losses and increase the profits. Now tell me your opinion about this topic...
In Forex trading, it is important to analyze the global Forex market and make informed decisions based on economic indicators. Forex has some things in common with gambling, including: Risk and uncertainty. It is generally considered a financial market where participants use analysis and strategies to make informed trades. Success in Forex trading relies on skill, knowledge and discipline and is different from pure gambling.


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You can turn it into gambling at easy if you will chase profits, make reckless trading decisions like betting on some unlikely price movements or abandon risk management like setting stop or take profits.

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