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Hello Gaurav

You are absolutely right. High priced shares can also give very good appreciation if picked up at the right time. But personally always I liked to buy low priced ones.

After reading your posting, I was thinking why such a preference. Finally I could find out the reason. Hangover of a bygone era!

When I started investing, shares were in physical form and there were marketable lots. Many shares were traded in lots of 100.Odd lots were difficult to sell and fetched a low price. To invest in a share quoting at Rs 500, a minimum of Rs50000 required. That was beyond my reach. So I used to follow low priced ones. This became a habit.

From the first line of your post, I could make out that either you are in stock broking or in portfolio management. Please do continue to post in this thread and enrich the content.

Thank you Gaurav


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