Intraday/Positional trades (Using 3-15 system on 15mins chart)

I am using the 1H/4H for positional trades. The 3EMA just touched/marginal crossover the 15EMA around the close in 1H and the 4H still shows 3EMA below 15EMA, so went short with one lot of NIFTY futures. Will have stoploss of 10 points. Feel since it is expiry, it could be volatile and there will be many crossovers in hourly chart. So need to try and avoid trading for positional this week.
No Update for today. Was range bound with no crossover in 15mins chart.

There was a EMA touch, which could have been used for going long, and could have made 15-20 points. Did not take it for some reason and still holding on to the one lot I short on Friday (positional as in daily chart we still need to be short).

I let my feelings (-ive on the market) get in the way of trading, instead of being mechanical and going long at the touch with tight stop loss. Need to overcome that and trade to make money in the long run.

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