Intraday : Cnx nifty future qty workout

Dear Sir,

Good Evening!:p

I furnished the details below. I request your good-self to clarify the same pls. Based on that I will workout a strategy for real time trading.

Chosen Scripts for Trading: CNX NIFTY FUTURE
Mode of Trade: INTRADAY (Either Buy & Sell Or Sell & Buy)
Capital Investment : Rs.1 Lakh
Risk Management Upto: Rs.20,000 (In a day)

Pls. clarify:

a) I would like to square off @ 3.00 pm, Is there an option like automatic square off?
(Can I use it for either Buy & Sell OR Sell & Buy)

b) What is the Maximum Qty that I can trade at one time in a day? How to work it out?
(Is it based on the Risk Management value or Capital Investment value)
Pls. explain with example....

c) Dealer's Exposure in details for Intraday?
Pls. explain with example....

d) Overhaul Maximum Trading Qty (Including both My Capital + Dealer's Exposure)
Pls. explain with example....

e) If Margin is applicable means, What kind of margin? How much do I need to pay? What I suppose to

f) How much brokerage, Taxes & Duties & Other Charges?
Pls. explain with example....

g) Is Break Circuit applicable in CNX Nifty Future? If so then how to manage it?
Will Automatic Square off works, during this time or not?

Kindly reply to all my queries pls........:)

Thanks in advance,