Information: 60 Seconds in Stock Market & 1yr Life of File on this Sharing Site


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Hello Everyone,

[A] 60 Seconds in Stock Market:

I found this poster somewhere on web and it reads as highest money flows in Derivatives (F&O) in 60 Seconds so I thought to share it here in Derivatives thread:

1 year Life of File if you Share it on this Sharing/Hosting Site :

From the "wiki/Comparison_of_file_hosting_services", I found this file sharing/hosting site as better than others with following points:

File Sharing Website:

> Its Free but Registration and Email Activation required for first time during account opening.
> Free Registered accounts expire 365 days after last download. ( :! Not tried but it may possible that if you download one file from your account every 365 days then it will add another 365 days of life to your account + files)
> 1 GB is total allowed capacity as Free account. ( ;) open one more account after 1 GB is full)
> 1 GB bandwidth for 3 days is limit for free account downloading bandwidth. (e.g. 10 MB file can be downloaded by 100 people in 3 days, 101th person have to wait for 4th day to download file when bandwidth opens again)
> After uploading file, it generates "Link for Forums". (e.g. Above Picture link is here: 1_minute_final.jpg - 188 KB )

Hope this will help Traderji members to share file with longer validity and also to download it without worry of link expiry!

Thanks & Regards.

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