Information Security Aspects - RT Datafeed Applications

I recently subscribed to a realtime datafeed from an authorised vendor of NSE. After few days of use , I verified the Network Traffic of that realtime application ,through Kaspersky. Strangely, the Data sent is very high (sometimes more than 10 times of data received) like if the data received by the application is 200 MB in a day, on the same day, the data sent column shows an astronomical figure of 1.53 GB. I have observed the same phenomenon daily for the few days of subscription. Have anyone observed like this. Is it normal for such data feed applications?

For, All other applications, the data sent is a normally around 5-10 percent of data received. Dont have any viruses in my desktop.

Any of you, who have subscribed to realtime data feeds observed like this?

Any opinions and advise pls.

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