ICICI Log In problem

This is totally freaking me out. Did any of you find out why you were unable to login to this website? Also, it looks like if you want to reset your password, it will take 8 days - ****:-( And it will only be "mailed" to your home address. I am never at home and nobaody is usually at home, So I dont know how can I get it again. ICICI direct really sux, I wouldnt recommend it to others.
After the apology from the MD of ICICIDirect.com the problem has only increased. From my knowledge of software and the changes that I am seeing on the ICICIDirect website and the time taken to login is really frustrating, it seems ICICIDirect is not upgrading to a more efficient system but making use of the existing system with patch up here and there and hence the deteriorated facilities on their website just confirms this. Further it is no use taking this issue with them since they are busy advertising for more customer rather than try to provide atleast the type of service that was provided by them 1.5 year back.
i had paid Rs.750 and joined sharekhan.com about 1.5 months back/ Till now i have notbeen able to login to their site.

Their customer service is very poor. their customer service telephone is always engagedd and no one will attend to your requests.
I am fed up with sharekhan.
Please advice which other online trading site is good


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I repeat what I have said elsewhere in this forum icicidirect is not meant for day trading. You can definitely log on to icici easily but only after market hours. I have no idea about kotak, but indiabulls and indiainfoline are reasonably better.

HI All

though this may be late, currently icici is working fine but frequenlty get disconnected. if you are using broad band connection then it is much faster. But the issue is ICICI site will not work whenever the market is falling badly or rising heavily. i infact want to take up the case in consumer forum about the dealy or inefficient service of Icici direct.

any suggestion or comments pls.
ur perfectly right, i also felt the same.

they should be legally booked. they are liable to pay for any loss due to their inefficient service.