Transaction Log( - Seniors pls help


I am new to trading and I am using for selling/buying shares.

11. Currently I was not able to see the break-up of for my transactions in i.e for the last one month if I wanted to see each of my buy/sell transactions(similar to my bank statement) with brokerage charges.

I am aware of below links
Portfolio>>Equity(unable to see the last one month trans)
Equity>>Order Book(not an exact price, no brokerage amount)

Does display this sort of statements or will it send an monthly statement email?

Please point me to the right link.

2. If I placed an order and the order gets Cancelled(by self)/Expired/Rejected, will I be charged by for this order/transaction.

Please let me know.



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go to customer services page and see contarct notes. also update your email so that you receive your contract notes directly in mail box.