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Respected Traderji,
I have posted one new thread on geopolitical issue but it didn't shows on the forum? I have posted some news and abt. the US economy but my thread was not there on the forum?

mahmeds2000 said:
3) How to time the market?

Experts say do not try to time the market. It will prove very costly if you go wrong. Probabilities are more towards going wrong than going right. If the attempt to time the market goes wrong, either you will be holding the wrong end of the falling knife (if try to time on the downside) or you will end up holding some shares which are worth half their value just a few days before (if you try to time on the upside). I need not explain any further. If you had thought of selling at the top of the market and you did not do it thinking that top has not arrived as yet, look at the difference of value of your share before 10/05/2006 and today. That is the danger of trying to time the market. Somewhere I have read ( I donot remember the source) about an expert trader saying, "You give a good system to a good trader, he will spoil it by trying to make it a perfect one".
On second thought, I may suggest this alternative strategy. It may be safer than timing the market. You fix a price target and if the price moves beyond it, move the stop loss level along with that move in the direction. Though you may not get the top most/bottom price, still you will get good price. Let some one else also to make money. Do not think that "Mera Sapna Sabka Mal Apna". That motto is for Reliance. Not for us.
amitt29 said:
Timing is tough but can be done.

Hi munchikana,Amit,

Thanks for the reply. It feels good you remember the quetion after a very long time.
I want to ask from amit who says "Timing is tough but it can be done" So How it can be done?


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