how to tread Commodities - to help all newbie

Hi, I am new for Treaderji, I am really happy to find this community ( I am newbie for treading), I hope this is one of the most happening space on the subject.
As a newbie, I have lots of questions, most important question I have in my mind is how and from where to get the best tips on commodity. I am dealing with Silver only. Yesterday (15 feb 2012) I was treading on Silver ( using Sharekhan), suddenly the price started falling from 56700 to 56100. My second question would be (I am sure the silliest question) is there any way to get a hint about sudden fall or raise, I observed the increasing gap of Buy Qty and Sale Qty. is there any successful tips provider in the market who provide such tips in advance,
I would request to the masters (of the field) to advise. I am sure your reply will help others specially newbie like me.

Thanks in advance.

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