How to setup a Signature ???


A few members have setup their signature but for my login I am not able to do that.

How can i access that feature?

A fellow member told me that i may have to wait for getting a few thanks // or complete a specific number of posts (50 or so), but still it doesn not seem to work

Can anyone (Mods or Admin) let me know how can i do it or if its not available for everyone what are the rules // when it will be enabled.

Thank You

Happy :)
Go to USER CP.Under settings&Options use edit signature menu
Yes the user control panel helps you set the signature, photograph and other features have a look around there.
Thanks for answering, :thumb: although that query is quite old :)

Its a funny practice at traderji, that simple basic feature like signature is available only to old members, and new members don't have these things enabled.

Funny as no one really know what are the rules and how / when it is enables,
anyway mine was activated a few months back and i could setup the signature after about a month of being here at TJ. :lol:


:) Happy

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