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I am new to icici direct .I have a question about share trading.
i ordered 600 Venus ventures Ltd @13.33 in limit price on 3dec 2009.
After copmpletion of trading hour i saw that my status is Expired.

Could u tell me why it was showing like this and what is the solution for this asap.


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Hy findvikas or any body else

I have a video on my laptop and I would like to share it in one of the threads here.

How can I do that.

Can anybody give me an advice or a link, where I find a description what steps I have to do ?

Maybe you know about that : How to post a movie in traderji ?

Regards and thanks for the tip to findvikas about the tip for the IMG.


I think u can go to imageshack dot com and then select video files and upload

u can post that link over here in TJ

Do let me know if this helped


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I don't think that you can do that. As I do not think TraderJi got Video embedding feature available.

If they (TraderJi) want to include this feature then they have to install this mod.

PS.: I am going to suggest this to mods.
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