How to post a chart/image at

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5th June 2008

How to post a chart/image at

If you would like to post charts inside your posts, please use the following method:

Go to

Click Browse

View attachment 9233

Select you chart image and click "Open"

Click "Host It!"

View attachment 9234

Once the image is uploaded scroll down to the bottom of the page and copy the "Direct Link to image"

View attachment 9235

Go to your post message and click on the "Insert Image" button.

View attachment 9236

Paste the link you just copied

Click "Ok"

This was working all along. Then there was a demand for additional registration from Imageshack that I complied with.

And yet I myself cannot see all my images in my messages on Traderji when I am logged on simulteniously to Traderji & Imageshack.

Can you provide help, please?

All the messages after your above message have no co-relation to the subject of the thread. Please discourage such mis-use. Thanks.
Just checking out with since imageshack is troubling
It is very much same as in imageshack.Once uploading to is done copy the "Direct Link For Layouts" address and in click on insert image icon and the image is uploaded.
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