How to get the authorities to solve local problems


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Often we come across problems like bad roads, drainage issues, water problems, garbage not cleared. And in many cases the muncipal corporation turns a deaf ear. And the complaints written( and ) and visits to municipal offices does not yield any results. Hence just checking out what other options the citizens have.

Write to the press. Heres a list of email addresses I found of on interet.

Not sure it works? Share your experience please.
You need to have some personal approach with them no matter what, some personal e-mail or something like that anyway. I do not understand what it's really going on there. IT's just basic common people interaction and common sense.
Seems like corruption going on anyway with a lot of things in your case, something for sure must need be done and you really need to check it all out anyway. You must be connnected with them somehow like person above me states already.
It really depends on your countries. Sometimes you will not get anything at all by some ass reason and that's really it cause they are budget people and corrupted as hell no matter what. I do want you to make it all possible anyway. See my points ?

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