Help me solve pls

helloo i have problem in amibroker afl pls help

//pchng = (C - Ref(C,-1)) /( Ref(C,-1) * 100);
//Var = pchng;

if (pchng > 0){
PlotText (pchng, colorGreen);}
else if (pchng <0)
PlotText (pchng, colorRed);
PlotText (pchng, colorYellow);
end if
Filter = pchng;
AddColumn(Open, "Open Price",1.2);
AddColumn(Close, "Close Price",1.2 );
AddColumn(pchng, "Percent Change",1.2 );

i want if tat change more than 0 its green color, under 0 its red, and =0 its yellow

help pls

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