How to find old post??


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Hi friends...

Is there a way to find old posts of senior members. I can see 20 pages of past posts but is it possible to see all posts by a member here??

Thanks Dan

Actually i was looking for older than 500 :D
Sorry, but it seems this will not be possible the way the features are set at the moment for this specific tool of the forum software.
I know it's old and I never used that but honestly I have really seen something like that anyway for whatever reason out there. How else it should really be done with whatever. I do not really understand it even allow you now to search by the member - yes!
I am totally dissapointed that usualy google search doesn't work anymore absolutely and possibly for such being entirely, so let's move on in some further things on that clearly. I do not see what we need to understand on that matter.
Old posts from way back. The way to do that is to manually scrioll all rthe way to the bottom. I men like there are numbers for the threads. You can just go to the farthest number to read te old posts. Click on the oldes number then keep onn clicking untill you get there. It shoukld not be that far if you skip some numbers. That is how I do it if I want to access those old posts.
Come on, why would you want to view such old posts. There are new posts created everyday by seniour members. I mean that the seniour members you are talking about from the past mey have been juniour members at that time. It also does depend on how far ago it was. I undertand that you want to learn from the masters. Go ahead, you will learn more.

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