How to find good stocks ?

Initially you can rely your decision on the reviews and experts opinion, after you start understanding the market trends you can decide on your own on which stock to select.
That's a good suggestion. There are a lot of review sites from where you can get information. Choose them wisely and rely only on the genuine ones though.


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In times of abundant central bank liquidity and hunt for the yield, pick stocks in disruptive industries which have a small cap. They have limited downside but their potential upside can be 2x, 3x easily, i.e. odds are skewed in your favour.
You can go for solutions to the following questions before picking a stock.
  • Is the company having good fundamentals?
  • Are you able to understand the products and services offered by that company?
  • Are people still using these products and services in 10-15 years from now?
  • Is the company having any big debts?
  • Is the company efficient enough in terms of goals and strategies, financial ratios and transparency?
  • Is the company constantly in the news and is over popular?

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